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Development Work

Below is a list of training that we hope to offer soon. Please contact the school via email at  to find out more.

Supporting ADHD in the Primary Classroom

Understanding and supporting ADHD with practical strategies.

  • Understanding ADHD as a diagnosis
  • Understanding life from an ADHD child’s point of view
  • What does ADHD look like in learners?
  • What does it look like in the classroom?
  • Behaviour management strategies for children with ADHD

Behaviour Audit

A supportive audit with clear actions for all school staff.
On site Behaviour Audit (whole school/year group/time of day).

  • Complete the audit materials
  • All staff to complete relevant areas
  • Results fed back to SLT
  • SLT agree which areas will be a focus
  • Focus area observed/investigated in further depth
  • Action plan drawn up based on findings from audit

De-escalating Children in the Primary Setting

Training for adults supporting SEMH children.

  • Understanding escalation cycles in children/adults
  • Our responses as adults
  • Body language/use of voice
  • De-escalation techniques
  • Individualised programs for children and how to support

Supporting Children with Poor Social Skills

A course for teaching assistants and teachers to improve social skills.

  • Assessment to understand social skills in children
  • Understanding poor social skills
  • What does that look like in the classroom/playground/school?
  • Managing poor social skills
  • Small steps to longer-term outcomes
  • Practical strategies in schools

Lunchtime Supervisor Training

A practical session on managing behaviour on the playground.

  • Body language
  • Gaining and maintaining respect
  • Use of voice
  • Practical solutions to everyday problems
  • Engaging children in play
  • Managing behaviour positively

Responsibilities for School Attendance

A course for School Leaders on the responsibilities for school attendance outlined in Working Together to Improve School Attendance.

  • Responsibilities for All Pupils
  • Pupils at risk of becoming Persistently Absent
  • Persistently Absent Pupils
  • Severely Absent Pupils

Securing Good Attendance and Tackling Persistent Absence

A course for school staff with responsibilities for attendance monitoring highlighting how to secure good attendance and what to do to deal with persistent absence.

  • Communicating expectations to parents and pupils
  • Establishing what issues a family may have
  • Having the “right people in place”
  • Noticing patterns of irregular attendance
  • Identifying weaknesses in a school’s practice
  • Getting beneath the surface of persistent absence

Behaviour Recovery

A whole school training program supporting individual schools in a collaborative bespoke approach to improving whole school behaviour.

A whole school approach to behaviour management.

  • Create a consistent approach in your school
  • Based on cognitive behaviour principles
  • Support children to recover behaviour and to learn new ways to behave
  • Build a system of layered cycles of support for children
  • Build a data rich basis for behaviour management in your school
  • Develop a positive ethos and culture
  • Support staff to take ownership of their own classroom behaviour
  • Avoid fixed term exclusion is a positive managed way
  • Give children ownership of their behaviour
  • Include the governing body in your ethos and culture


  • Meeting with SLT members of staff and any middle leaders
  • A look into the current school systems
  • A planned approach for whole school training
  • Half a day/full day training for all staff including teachers, TAs, SLT, governors and lunchtime staff
  • Gather data on your outcomes
  • Support to analyse data and write an action plan
  • Embed action plan into your school improvement plan and review regularly