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Unity Academy 6 week Behaviour Course Referrals: For all school enquiries regarding a pupil please contact the Headteacher, Mrs Kuldip Berdesha on the school telephone number (01562 215194) or e-mail address:          

Please be prepared to state the specific needs of the pupil that lead to the school requiring Behaviour Support as the Team Coordinator will then be in a position to suggest the next steps forward. This will be in the form of a specific referral. In the first instance, provision is likely to be in the form of Outreach Support.

Permanently Excluded Pupils: Pupils who have been permanently excluded need to be referred by the Worcestershire Children’s First Exclusions Team. 

Section 19 Pupils: These pupils have specific circumstances that may lead to a referral from the stated Worcestershire Children’s First department: 

  • Pupils awaiting a Special School place – referred by the Special Educational Needs team.
  • Children who are missing education from outside of Worcestershire – referred by the Children Missing Education team. 
  • Pupils who are awaiting confirmation of an Education and Health Care Plan (EHCP) - referred by the Special Educational Needs team